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by ZMC Moodle Admin -

Good day!

This Learning Management System for Zamora Memorial College is customized out of Moodle, the world's most popular LMS.  ZMC Administrators, Teachers and Students are provided with access to this site. Users are initially provided with default password. It is recommended to change your password on your first login.  

For the username format for all users, you take the first letter of the firstname(s) and concatenate it to your surname (no space). For instance,

Name: Juan Dela Cruz ----> Username: jdelacruz

Name: Juan Pedro Dela Cruz ----> Username: jpdelacruz

There cases however that this format was not followed because the username is already taken. If you have tried this but was not able to login, please contact the LMS administrator. 

Temporary password was assigned to all users during the creation of account. It is common to all new users and must be changed immediately after logging in. 

For teachers: Default_123

For Students: Student_123

If still having trouble logging in, please contact the LMS administrator through email at